alex berke

Currently at the MIT Media Lab

Research focus: Cities and sustainability, decentralized systems, data privacy, democratizing benefits of large datasets while preserving privacy.

Past Technology Work

Working at the intersection of technology and social impact; experienced in designing and deploying new software, and working with large distributed systems.

Most recently as a software engineer at Google, on a team tasked with fighting disinformation within Google Search.

My book was recently published by the MIT Press

Beautiful Symmetry: A Coloring Book about Math

A coloring book as an illustrated introduction to group theory, both online and on paper.

Interactive online:

Published by the MIT Press

Get the print copy to color on paper:

Crypto Voting + US Elections: Reality

On the security of blockchain, internet, and end-to-end verifiable voting systems, including the cryptography behind how they work.

Crypto Voting + US Elections: (Science Fiction) Short Stories From Potential Futures

These stories consider two potential futures for US democracy, branching from our present. One is dystopian, the other utopian.

Income, Race, Bikes

Is the placement of bike-share docks equitable?

[bike] swarm

A decentralized system of synchronized lights to coordinate urban mobility swarms

Past Side Projects


Crowd funding to support women's health.

L0v3 Bot

Created at the 2017 Stupid Hackathon.

NY Farmers Markets

Advancing access to healthy and sustainable eating, with a focus on low income families.

Previously @

Past Talks & Exhibitions

  1. 02.2019 | Invited Speaker to Rutgers STEAM @ Rutgers University, NJ
  2. 06.2018 | Mathematical Lecture and Color Workshop @ NYC Salon, Manhattan NY
  3. 06.2018 | Guest Speaker @ New Rochelle’s IDEALab ‘Creative Conversation’
  4. 06.2018 | Art Installation: WALLPAPER @ Google NYC office, Manhattan NY
  5. 06.2018 | Technical Talk: Building Art @ NYC HTML5, Manhattan NY
  6. 06.2018 | Math Lecture & Workshop @ Babycastles, Manhattan NY
  7. 05.2018 | Solo Exhibition: WALLPAPER @ Babycastles, Manhattan NY
  8. 02.2018 | Presentation @ Creative Coding NYC, Manhattan NY
  9. 01.2018 | Mathematical Discussion and Workshop @ The Recurse Center, Manhattan NY
  10. 01.2018 | AngularNYC Technical Presentation, Manhattan NY
  11. 10.2017 | Moderated Panel @ Grace Hopper Conference (x2 due to popular demand)
  12. 06.2017 | HackNY Panel, Brooklyn NY
  13. 06.2017 | Art Exhibition @ Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY
  14. 02.2016 | Code Driven NYC @ First Mark Capital, Manhattan NY
  15. 01.2014 | NY Tech Meetup, Manhattan NY

Other Writing

  1. Contributed to a linear algebra & computer science textbook at Brown University: "Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Applications to Computer Science"
  2. Published a 3 part series about bitcoin on the Huffington Post: (1) (2) (3)
  3. Medium blog